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    battery life - ridiculous
    According to Coconut Battery, the battery capacity is down to 91% on my 5 week old MBP13" (non-retina). I get about 3 hours out of it.

    Just ridiculous.

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    battery life - ridiculous
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    Ouch..that's just not right..the system is rated for 7 hours of "wireless web"..of course that can vary with heavy usage. How are you charging/using the MBP? Constantly plugged in or not? There is a battery calibration cycle you can go through (you can google for that), see if that helps.

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    Battery replaced
    By December, I was getting 88% of battery capacity.

    I just got Apple Store to replace the battery at no charge (although normally this issue is not covered under warranty, as per the store manager).

    I'm now getting about 5 hours out of it.

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