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    when do the MBPs ship
    when will the macbook pro be released in feb.? says shipping feb, but i dont know what tuesday itll be. any ideas

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    when do the MBPs ship

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    I live in Canada, I don't know if that makes a difference, but the store I'm buying it from told me it will be arriving about the middle of February. My name is down for one so that I can get my hands on it as soon as it comes in. Another store told me it will be arriving in a week or two, but they charge more for setup, so forget that.

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    Well I ordered mine last night, and according to all the shipping info I got back from apple it says that the new book will be on my doorstep March 1st.

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    I ordered mine last night and it says the est. shipping date is Feb. 27 and est. arrival is March 3. Seems so far away. I can't wait. It'll be my first mac that I own (not one from work).

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    MacBook Pro Shipping Date
    I ordered my MacBook from Apple on January 12. My order status page says it will ship on the 15th of Feb. and arrive on the 23rd. However, I phoned the order in and the guy I talked to thought they would be shipping the first week of February. About a week later my wife decided she wanted one too, so I called the Apple store again. A different salesperson told me the new order would ship about a week later in the middle of February. The order status page on that one also states Feb. 15th as the ship date. That's all I know. Since I ordered the first one fairly early in the process, I will post as soon as I hear it has shipped.

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