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    Macbook pro battery stopped charging
    My Mackbook pro is 2 1/2 years old and the Battery has been good for about 2-2.5 hours of use.
    Last week the battery just up and stopped taking a charge. Does this just happen, or could the charger of went bad? The computer works on the charger, but when unplugged it say running on reserve power. If I need a new one, who is the best source?
    Thank You.

    Here is what coconutBattery has to say.

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    Macbook pro battery stopped charging
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    Well, your battery is definitely drawn down and should be replaced. You can either purchase a new battery direct from Apple or I recommend buying one from Other World Computing. Their batteries exceed the Apple spec and they are a very reliable authorized Mac dealer. Here is the LINK to their batteries.

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    I did not find my battery at that site?
    Why would it go from working at %81 to not taking a charge that fast?

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    Now my Macbook will not even work on the charger. I got a second charger, but I get the same results (will not boot up/ no lights). I have a new oem battery coming, but shouldn't it still work on the charger?

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    Macbook pro battery stopped charging
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    Happened with my MBA as well. A new charger and I was back in business.

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