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    PowerBook really sloooow lately... 15in Ti 1ghz, 512mb RAM, 60gb HD, etc.
    Well, when I first got it I could run multiple apps at the same time with little to no lag, ran super! Well, this past year or so it seems like it is slow as heck... I upgraded to Tiger and it seemed good, not any slower, maybe faster in some things, but lately, it has gotten really bad.
    So I figured it was my full HD, so I formatted and reinstalled Tiger, got an external drive and I store all my files on that, and just apps and the OS on my main drive, and she is still really slow... ie. adjusting the volume has about a 30sec delay sometimes, even with nothing else running....more than one app is almost impossible other than Safari and iChat etc.

    Anyway, my point is, she is a lot slower than she used to be, even after a fresh clean install, permissions repaired, all the usual maintenance done, etc... Changing the wallpaper easily takes a good minute... Any ideas? This is getting rediculous, especially since it is my only when it comes to editing anything, I might as well forget about it...

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    I would check to see if your ram is all working correctly and showing up in system profiler, also, I would run a diagnostic util or something.. Onyx is a good one. You can do some of it yourself, repair permissions, etc etc. No way that system, freshly formatted should be anywhere near that slow.

    I doubt it is a hardware problem, but you never know. If you have the old restore discs, you might boot the hardware test cd, and see if that shows any problems that aren't apparent.

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    Well, About This Mac says 512mb, so it's at least working well enough to show up. Going to try out Onyx next.

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