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    Macbook Audio Help
    Hi all

    I recently decided to fix my headphones and re-solder a new jack to them. Everything worked fine, but when I decided to take the jack out of my macbook, the end got stuck inside it. Now the laptop thinks I have headphones plugged into it, so it wont play any audio. I have tried anything, pin in side the laptop, superglue on a match, I just cant get the piece of **** jack out.

    I have heard that if I have lion I can switch the audio to my inbuilt speakers but unfortunately I have snow leopard.

    Next question, is there anyway I can bluetooth audio from macbook to my iphone, then listen to that audio through headphones plugged into my iphone.

    Im skint and cant afford to sent my macbook off to repair.



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    Macbook Audio Help
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    have you tried to remove it with some blutac? Other options could be some toothpicks, tweezers or something. Just don't use a magnet.
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    Ye I have even tried a tiny bit of superglue on a match head. It is truly stuck


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