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    Macbook Pro - keyboard and trackpad not working
    Hi there,

    Any help would be massively appreciated here as have really run out of ideas with this problem!

    Unit: Macbook Pro mid 2010 model

    All was working fine until one day, after using a projector in work, the unit was shutdown. When it came back on both the keyboard and the trackpad no longer function.

    Key facts so far:

    The keyboard responds just after power on, so that a command via the keys can occur i.e. press C to boot from disc or cmd S for single user mode etc BUT once the operating system has booted up, neither the keyboard or trackpad work.

    If I plug in a USB mouse/keyboard all works fine. Also, if I use an external bluetooth keyboard and mouse all is fine.

    The OS is completely up-to-date and runs on 10.6.8.

    The keyboard backlight work fine.

    Actions so far:

    I have run both Disc Utility verify disc and also Disk Warrior - no difference.
    I have repaired permissions within disc utility - no difference.
    I have completely erased (zero pass) the hard drive and re-installed the operating system from the disc - problem still there.
    I have tried Applejack also - no difference.
    I have reset PRAM / NVRAM using usual method - no difference.
    I have started in Safe Mode - problem still there i.e. cannot use keyboard or trackpad even in safe mode.

    The only thing that has happened is that, when I booted into Single User Mode, the system went a little crazy and kept repeating the an error relating to AppleUSBMultitouchDriver 0xe000404f over and over. I was unable to do anything within SU mode as this just kept scrolling.

    So, I went into the OS and found the kext relating to the AppleUSBMultitouch and deleted. Problem still there. Only differene is that now the external bluetooth Apple mouse does not allow multitouch. So, I put the kext back in the Extensions folder.

    And this is where I am now left! Have run out of ideas where to go from here! Can anyone help at all???

    If it was a hardware issue surely the issue would be there from the start and not let me choose the startup options such as boot from disc?? If it's not hardware though, what could it be??

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    Macbook Pro - keyboard and trackpad not working
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    Does it happen when you plug in an external keyboard and mouse?
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    If it works long enough to enter -s mode (single user) then starts acting up once it loads a few lines that points to a hardware problem. Could have a bad ribbon cable or a short in the track pad board.
    This will flag a reset of the AppleUSBMultitouchDriver Possibly something like this
    AppleUSBMultitouchDriver::message - kIOUSBMessagePortHasBeenReset or

    kernel[0]: AppleUSBMultitouchDriver::_deviceSetReport - DeviceRequest for reportID 0xac returned with result 0xe000404f - retryingAppleUSBMultitouchDriver::_deviceSetReport - DeviceRequest for reportID 0xac returned with result 0xe000404f - retryingAppleUSBMultitouchDriver::_deviceSetReport - DeviceRequest returned error 0xe000404f (interface 1, reportID 0xac, payload 2

    Try to take a piece of folded paper and tape it down to the skinny part of the ribbon under the battery. the put the battery back in and see if it will work .

    I don't own a mac,,, but I did stay at a holiday inn last night.

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