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    Mac Pro 2.7 8GB vs Mac Pro Retina 2.6 16GB
    I have a pretty huge dilemma concerning a macbook pro purchase so I'm going to get straight to it.

    Overall, I'll be mostly using my "machine" for software developing, data bases etc. (including Win 7 and Visual Studio), I'll occasionally play a game, watch a movie and whatnot.

    The problem is I'm not the biggest specialist when it comes to pc hardware, I know overall the processor and caches seem to be more important than RAM but I would like this purchase to be good for the long run (and I can't stress this enough). Mainly, I want to know if twice as much of RAM is actually better than the .1GHz of processor speed? Obviously on a performance level and like I said, the long run.

    The retina display looks great when I saw it at the Apple store but no Ethernet and dvd player show a pretty ugly side of the new macbook in my opinion.

    I hope to get some good feedback from people who know about the subject,


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    Mac Pro 2.7 8GB vs Mac Pro Retina 2.6 16GB

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    Hi Sofa,

    there seems to be a lot of debate out there at the moment about the Retina. No doubt, it's a fast machine, has a beautiful screen and is compact. However, there are drawbacks: no upgrade path for RAM and possibly one in future for the SSD. Battery replacement also seems to be something that will need to be left to Apple. As you point out, it's also missing an Ethernet port and a DVD drive, although these can be bought as externals. But...if you spec a Retina system with 16GB RAM and at least 512GB SSD, I reckon it'll suffice for say 3-4 years, possibly even 5. Depends on your battery usage as well, obviously.

    On the other hand, for less money you can buy the traditional Pro with a decent 7200rpm HDD, upgrade the RAM yourself (saving $$) and have a fair amount of money to put away either for your next Macbook or towards a future SSD upgrade. I don't think 0.1GHz is much, so that isn't what's going to be your decider.

    The other factor is the amount you're going to be on the move. If you are frequently mobile, the Retina is lighter with more screen real-estate, which is nicer for coding. If quite seldom, then a normal Pro with a Thunderbolt Display becomes an option.

    I'm not sure what your preference would be towards running Windows, but whether Bootcamp or Virtual, I'm sure both machines will run either option equally well. I run Win 7 x64 Pro in Fusion and develop in Delphi using SQL Server...runs like a dream on my mid-2011 iMac.

    If I were to make a call, I'd say go with the normal Pro.

    Good luck in deciding!

    PS Check out the tear downs at

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    Thanks for the reply, hmm to be honest I'll be using it most frequently at home, I do use Bootcamp (I have bad experience with virtual).

    Another question is do you think it will be possible to upgrade the normal Macbook Pro beyond 8GB RAM in the future? If so then I wouldn't think twice before about getting the normal one.

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    Mac Pro 2.7 8GB vs Mac Pro Retina 2.6 16GB
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    You can upgrade the non-retina MBP to 16GB RAM right now. Other World Computing sells a 16GB RAM Kit for that model. The current price is well under $200.
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    Mac Pro 2.7 8GB vs Mac Pro Retina 2.6 16GB
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lightcraftsman View Post
    You can upgrade the non-retina MBP to 16GB RAM right now. Other World Computing sells a 16GB RAM Kit for that model. The current price is well under $200.
    Yep, I ordered when it dropped under $300 (from the original $1500). Works great, and well worth the dosh if you're dealing with a lot of RAM intensive apps.
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