Hi guys,

I need help, am planning to buy the new mbp with retina display and i understand that it has ssd. My problem is, this will be my main computer at home and for travelling as well, wanted an imac but just dont have the space at home.

As it will be my main computer, im wonderig where to store my photos videos etc? Do i get a usb 3/firwire external hd? Im an amateur photographer and will mainly use it for editing photos, veryday general use and some games. My question is, how fast/slow is it compared to a normal hdd to save, edit etc photos from the external hard drive to mbp and back to hard drive? Sorry as i feel ive been stuck in 2000 as im new to ssd and just learned a few things from reading. Ive been using a windows laptop and its getting really slow now..

Is this the only way to go? Os, apps, games in ssd then all other files in external hd? Cause i was wondering where to store all the other files..

Thanks in advance guys!