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    Upgrade or wait for ML
    I have been waiting to upgrade my 2008 MB with a retina display mac pretty much ever since the original retina display came out on the iPhone... Now that it is here I am so ready to order it. However I have always felt computers were better and more responsive with their native OS ... I figure I will wait for when the new MBP ships with ML installed ... anyone think this is silly or a good idea? Thoughts...
    My first apple product is this White 2.4 Mac Book I bought on September 25, 2008!

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    Upgrade or wait for ML
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    It doesn't matter. I believe they said you would get ML when it ships for free if you purchase now.
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    Upgrade or wait for ML
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    Like Stretch doesn't matter. Buy the new MBP with the retina display now...or later. Apple does say that you get a free upgrade to Mountain Lion when it is released...and even if you didn''s only going to cost $19.99!

    As far as Mac's running best on their "native OS"...or original shipping OS. Well there may be some truth to the sense that as newer OS versions are released (many times they get more complex)...and thus need more cpu & gpu "power" to run well.

    But guess what?? If you purchase the new MBP with the retina display...and eventually run OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion) on's not like when OS 10.9, 10.10, 10.11...or OS 11.0 is released that you won't run it on this computer.

    So it's really not much of a discussion point with the new MacBook Pro and OS 10.8. They will run well together...and so will OS 10.9, 10.10, etc.

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