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    Macbook 1,1 - Black screen on wake from hibernate, Black screen on restart
    I have a 2006 Macbook 1,1. Core Duo 2ghz, 2x1gb ram, 100gb hdd, etc. I don't know if this is a hardware issue or software issue. While a particular program may cause the symptom, it could ultimately be a hardware fault. I have the exact same setup on a 2006 MBP.

    This was a recent purchase through Craigslist. It seems to work perfect aside from the following two things:

    1. Sleep problem: It wakes from normal sleep just fine, including closing the lid. However, if left idle for an extended amount of time after entering hibernation if I attempt to wake it the front light will stop pulsing and fully illuminate but the screen remains black. I have to do a hard shut down.

    I put a bandaid on it by changing pmset to 0, quick sleep mode. I would love to fully resolve this issue.

    2. Restart problem: If I either manually chose to restart or something asks to do it, it will shutdown and then seem to restart but the screen will remain black and there will not be a chime. I have to do a hard shut down.

    I have reset SMC and PRAM to no avail. I swapped out ram and in different configurations, even installed a new hard drive. I reloaded Snow Leopard and upon the fresh install, it slept and restarted just fine. I installed Office 2k8, then tried to install iLife but had to update to do that. I installed the 10.6.8 combo update through software update, then did software update once more as was required to overcome an expired installer issue with iLife. I then installed iLife. I did not test for restart or hibernation between these steps as I probably should have so I don't know where it went wrong. I was hoping someone might have some insight on this issue so if I do another fresh install I can avoid making the same mistake again, or perhaps there is a known issue and fix for this situation.

    I tried searching Google but "restart" resulted in page affter page about the "you need to restart" error message and searching for sleep and hibernation issues seem to all be about failing 2008 MBPs.

    I appreciate any help in this matter.


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    Macbook 1,1 - Black screen on wake from hibernate, Black screen on restart
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    I have to admit you've certainly done some extensive trouble shooting and tried all the various remedies that any of us could suggest.

    The bottom line I'm afraid, is that your machine is 6 years old, and may be suffering from hardware problems. Here is what I would do:

    Go to iFixit: The free repair manual and look up the take apart instructions for the machine. Take it apart carefully with the right tools. Clean it as best you can - the fan, around the CPU heat sink, and generally the logic board. You might find that after a thorough cleaning the machine will work much better. Dust and dirt buildup can cause overheating and poor ventilation.

    Let us know how if goes....

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    Thanks for the reply. I had already taken it apart, cleaned all the dust out and applied new thermal paste. I also ordered and installed a new fan as the original was a bit noisy and oiling it did not help. Prior to doing these things the temps were not horrible but were warmer than I like to see.

    Are there any tools for diagnosing logicboard problems? Since I have replaced all the removeable components, if there is in fact a hardware problem, it would have to be the logic board.

    I however am curious as to why it functions perfectly upon a fresh install, that is what makes me think software problem but why this one and not others, as I have not been able to find any information on this particular problem.

    I suppose, since I seem to be alone on this particlular problem I am going to have to do another fresh install and then try to restart and hibernate in between each software update and program installation.

    I will post the results should it serve to aid anyone whom experiences the problem in the future.


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    Ok, I could not get it to boot from the install DVD do I initiated the install from within OS X which I know just overwrites the system files and is not as good as a fresh install. However it resolved the problem, just as a fresh install does. The result was returning to 10.6.0 with both iLife 11 and Office 2k8 installed. I then applied the 10.6.7 combo update, still works fine. Then the 10.6.8 single update, still works fine. I am now going down the list of updates available via software update one by one and trying to restart and hibernate after each.

    I did notice that when the original problem was present, it would ask me if I was sure I wanted to restart everytime where it does not ask that now. It is as if a program was running in the background that prompted it asking me if I was sure. I had not launched anything so I am unsure what it may have been.

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    Well, problem solved. I continued installing each update 1 at a time, then restarting and forcing hibernate after each one. I installed everything that was on there originally and it works without issue.

    While I would have preferred to have run into the problem again, as I would then know the cause. It has worked flawlessly since I completed.

    That said, it was certainly a software issue as following those steps would not correct a hardware problem.

    So, while I hope no one else has to deal with this issue I also hope that should they, that this will be helpful.

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