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    Full Macbook Pro display swap...
    Hey guys, my local computer shop recently got in a damaged early 2011 13' Macbook Pro (MacBookPro8,1), exactly similar to this one. The problem is the logic board is doesn't work, but the screen & case is flawless.

    I'm wondering if it's possible to do a complete swap of the display case & screen with my 13in MacBookPro5,5 (Mid 2009 model). My MBP has some minor issues with the screen that have been annoying me so it would be nice to replace that screen! According to the research I've done, both of these laptops are the exact same dimensions and they are both the Apple A1278 model number, so I'm hoping it's possible.

    Does anyone here have repair experience with both of these MBPs and can confirm that a full display (aluminum case and screen) port would be possible? I'd like to swing by the store to buy that damaged MBP ASAP so I can do the swap. Thanks!

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    No one has experience with this sort of thing? Dang...

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    Full Macbook Pro display swap...
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    If it's the same model number, I don't see why it wouldn't work. I don't have any experience with MBP screens though, so I'm not entirely sure.

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    Full Macbook Pro display swap...
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    Assuming I have the correct two MacBook Pro models...look at these two logic boards:

    MacBook Pro 13" Unibody 2.53 GHz Logic Board (661-5231) - iFixit

    MacBook Pro 13" Unibody 2.3 GHz Logic Board (661-5869) - iFixit

    Although they do look pretty similar...carefully notice the two big "white splotches" on the first one (and not on the 2nd). That's "thermal grease" which when assembled a heat sink of some sort gets attached (on top of) the thermal grease.

    The second photo only has one spot where the thermal grease gets applied.

    So what I'm trying to say is...the heat sink configurations are most likely different between these two models...which may cause some sort of "fitment" issues.

    - The logic boards do look very I'm not saying there's a 100% chance they cannot be swapped...but folks don't usually do this sort of accurate data is hard to come by.
    - Also consider that the "wiring harness" and all plugs & connectors must also be EXACT between the two logic boards
    - Finally...the newer MacBook Pro has a "Thunderbolt" port (old one doesn't) I'm not 100% sure this wouldn't cause an issue.

    My 2 cents,

    - Nick
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