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    Question new HDD hybrid (with SSD cache) or 2nd SSD in Optical Bay slot?
    I have the 2010 MacBook Pro 15" and would like to go for a quicker HDD.

    What do you think of going for replacing the existing HDD with one of the hybrid HDD's which has a SSD cache, as opposed to putting a 2nd dedicated SSD in the optical bay for the O/S?

    An example of the hybrid I had in mind was:
    - Seagate MOMENTUS XT 7200.4 500GB SATA 2.5 7200rpm 32MB

    Wondering if going to the hybrid would give me say 70% of the performance increase of a dedicated SSD, or say only 20%? I just have no idea. Would be a bit easier to install the hybrid, however if it only gives me less than 50% of what a dedicated SSD for OS would give me, then I'd probably want to go with the SSD in optical drive slot.


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    new HDD hybrid (with SSD cache) or 2nd SSD in Optical Bay slot?
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    Heard alot of bad things about those hybrid drives. It wont give much of performance increase. Nowhere near a true SSD, but it is a bit faster than a regular HDD. thats if it works.
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    new HDD hybrid (with SSD cache) or 2nd SSD in Optical Bay slot?
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    My boot time is 4-6 seconds faster with the WD Black 500GB than I ever managed to get with the Hybrid. In use, the hybrid also beachballed - a lot. No, it will not give you anything even resembling the function of an SSD - not even 20%.

    I can boot my 5 yr old MBP with the WD only 4 seconds slower than the new MBA with it's SSD.

    However, if you really want the hybrid, I have the one I tried - it spent just under a month in my Mac - and will sell it at 35% below Amazon's or newegg's price - shipped in the U.S.

    We do have a couple of members that like them and have bought more than 1 of them.
    They're Macs were newer than mine - maybe the difference - ????
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    new HDD hybrid (with SSD cache) or 2nd SSD in Optical Bay slot?
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    I have the Seagate Momentus Hybrid drive in my MacbookPro. Works fine as my storage drive, but it is nowhere near the performance of an SSD. That said - why is an SSD so important to you? Are you really doing anything that requires a 20 sec boot or lightning fast drive access? If money is no object, the SSD is worth it, but probably isn't essential for your use of the computer.

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