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    Macbook air not charging, but has power.
    I have a newer Macbook Air, 13 inch, 128 SSD model 2011. Previously when I would plug in the L power adapter I would sometimes have to jiggle it to go green. Currently My my Macbook Air gets power, but will not charge. The green light does not come on anymore.

    Steps taken during trouble shooting:

    I have cleaned the connectors on the Macbook and the adaptor as recommended by apple. I have tried different outlets, with and without the duck extension, reset the SMC. I have examined my adaptor and it looks brand new. I unplugged the adaptor for over 60 seconds and left the macbook off then plugged them up again. None of the little prongs are pushed in, they all spring into place.

    I plan on taking my Macbook in to the apple store and I do have the care plan. If anyone has any other ideas I would love to hear them or if they think this is most likely a problem with the adaptor, computer, or batter I would love to hear. Thank you for your help.

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    Macbook air not charging, but has power.
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    Sounds like you are doing the best advice I could give of taking it into the Apple Store, sounds like you have tried everything else you can possibly do...
    Hopefully Apple will find the fault, and hopefully it will just be a faulty charger that they will replace for you.

    Let us know how it goes

    - Simon

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    Got off the phone with a senior apple tech. Most likely the problem is with the wire connecting the batter or the battery itself according to apple. I will be taking it to the apple store tomorrow. Apple says that they never have battery problems this soon, but we all know anything can happen with electronics. This is why I always get the care plan. Apple always has good support and I never owned an apple or any computer that didn't have a hardware problem.

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    This is a very strange intermittent problem. Now everything is working again and I can't duplicate the issue. The problem does not even happen every day. It seems like when I leave my macbook off for a few hrs it works. The adapter I left plugged in this time. Maybe there is some kind of reset the battery goes through or something related to power when the Macbook is turned off for so long with out a direct power supply.

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    I have been able to duplicate the problem. The computer will not charge unless I leave it unplugged for over 5 min. Then when I plug it in the first time it will charge, but once it is unplugged it will not charge until i repeat the same process of leaving my computer unplugged. I took some video of it just in case the apple rep at the store gives me a hassle which I highly doubt, but always good to have all the info you can for them.

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    When I walked in apple ran some diagnostics on my macbook that were inconclusive. Both in store apple techs and phone support techs thought it was the battery. We decided to swap the adapter first and if that did not work apple said they would swap my macbook air for a new one. So far it looks like the new adaptor is working.

    Side Notes:
    Apple support is even better then they where in 2003 when I got my first mac. They really roll out the red carpet for you now. At that time the mac product did not fit all my needs as well as I wanted. Now that my life style has changed I am once again back with Mac and own several Mac products. Both my Macs had trouble with adapters out of the box. My personal opinion is that I still think the adaptors are crap. This new L adaptor seems to be even more unreliable then the old T style I had before. Sure I love the magnent function and that was honestly one of the reasons I got the mac in the first place in 2003 because my old laptop broke when the cord got caught and it hit the floor. The rubber around the adaptors is also poorly and damages easily. I love my macbook book air, but almost ten years later and they have the same junky cord. Just my opinion, but some people may like the adapter

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    MacbookAir Charger
    I had the same problem, but because i had other adapters, an older one from a MacbookPro2009 worked instantly. Once it charged to 5%, i switched to the MacbookAir2012 adapter and the light turned on. Mine was also fairly new.

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