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    Connecting to home wireless network?
    Soo. We have a wireless internet network and I'm trying to connect my new but used (i purchased it off someone else) macbook pro to it via airport but when putting in the password to my network says it's unable to make a connection? Is there a SPECIFIC thing I need to do?! Connected fine with ipods/iphones, other laptops.. basically anyone can come into the house and use my network if i give them the password, but its just not working on the macbook pro. any suggesitions? thanks x

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    I need the same help
    We just got a new Apple laptop yesterday. Everything else we have, printers, other laptops and desktops and guests laptops connect to our wireless system seamlessly. The Mac just says it cannot connect, what's the deal?

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    Connecting to home wireless network?
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    To help you we need the following:

    OS version
    Type of router
    What type of Network security is turned on (WEP, WPA, WPA2, etc)
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    Please let me know if I'm barging in
    We have OS Lyon and a Linksys router, I have tried all the WEP and WPA options with the same results.

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    Connecting to home wireless network?
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    Have you checked the network settings for the wireless connection. Maybe the previous owner had it set to use a fixed IP or NOT use DHCP.

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    Connecting to home wireless network?
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    When you click on the wireless icon in the menu bar does it see your network and if you click on it does it prompt for a password ?
    WPA2 is preferred also unless things have changed in order to use WEP on Mac's I always had to convert to hex not worth the trouble and definitely not secure enough.
    In your TCIP settings is IPv4 set to DHCP ?

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    Yes, it finds our network and prompts for a password and responds "This computer was unable to join the Wi-Fi network you selected."

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    Thanks everyone for the prompt responses. I got it working about 2 hours after I posted this - lol.

    I bought my new macbook pro off another person and I erased and reinstalled the software that came with it. Turns out that I had to download a major update as the original software was 2 years old, I downloaded all updates and tried it again and it worked perfectly fine.

    Thanks x

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    BTW, yes the network appeared in search results and is WPA and asked for a password as our network is protected. I think i just needed to upgrade. lol.

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