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    Finder can't see card/card reader, but VMWare Fusion can
    Plugged my memory card reader and card in a while back and nothing happened. Reader must be kaput I thought, so I used another computer to transfer my files.

    But I tried it again today while I have VMWare Fusion running. So when I connected it the screen came up with the Connect to Mac/Connect To Windows option. If I choose connect to Mac, nothing happens, if I choose connect to Windows I can access the files in Windows Explorer.

    But I'd rather do it in finder. I'm guessing it's either a card reader issue or the file format that the card is in, but I'm not sure which

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    Finder can't see card/card reader, but VMWare Fusion can
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    If Windows can see it and Mac OS X can't, then it is a formatting issue.
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