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    Macbook wont boot stuck on blue screen
    Ive got this problem which is really bugging me. When my macbook goes to boot up it sits on the blue screen with loading circle spinning. Ive tryed so many things ive read n the net but nothings changed. When inserted the os cd it doesnt show when holding option on start up. command s works but that hasnt solved anything.

    One thing to mention when booting up, after the apple screen it goes to the blue screen where it sits for maybe 4secs. it then goes ALL BLACK for maybe 2secs and then it goes back to blue screen where it just freezes. This as me thinking maybe its a graphic fault as it seems to be booting right in till it goes all black. please information anything would be grateful i almost dont mind wiping my hdd if there is a way i can do so.

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    Sounds like a hardware issue to be honest. I think that your best bet is to take it in toget it looked at. Could very well be a graphics card issue.

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    thanks for the reply. is there nothing i can do the reset the graphic chip at all? by the way ive got bootcamp running and windows work perfectly fine. is there anything useful i could do on single-mode such as commands etc im pretty much a newbie to macs...

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    Well, if bootcamp is working it sounds like there is an issue with your OSx partition. Did you just install bootcamp?

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