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    ? Black Keyboard for MacBook(2010) ?
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    ? Black Keyboard for MacBook(2010) ?
    Hello all!

    I picked up the new white macbook a couple of months ago from my local apple store. Its new newest model. Ive got it skined out in black already but here is my question...

    Is there a way to replace the white keys with black ones? Such as those from a pro or something along those lines. I have already tried the rubber skin thing, and hated it. Looking for a more permanent solution. Yes, this is purely cosmetic for my liking


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    ? Black Keyboard for MacBook(2010) ?
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    Yes, there is a way of replacing the white keys on a MacBook with black ones, there are various YouTube vids of this with the older non-unibody MacBooks...

    Though I'm not really sure where you would get the black keys to begin with or how this mod will affect your warranty, if at all.

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