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    Unhappy reseting my pass
    we have an imac and a mac pro. boths problem is same... password. actually they are my fathers but my fathers age is more than 40 and he forgots things like both passwords of pc`s. how can i reset or find the passwords?

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    reseting my pass
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    You can boot from the install discs that came with the computers and hold C when booting then you can change your admin password. You just need to select the Mac HD then reset the password.

    Or you can restart the computer and hold Command + S when it restarts then type in the following:
    mount -uw /
    rm /var/db/.AppleSetupDone
    shutdown -h now

    (hit return after each line)
    This creates a new admin account that you can login to.
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    reseting my pass
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    And of course you do have the install discs for both machines?

    And if you are so concerned about poor old Dad's memory, leave the password as a blank and no one forgets it then!
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    "more than 40"

    Man, it's a wonder he can feed himself!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chas_m View Post
    "more than 40"

    Man, it's a wonder he can feed himself!!
    LOL, I was going to say... I'm 42 so I guess I am ready for the old folks home.

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    reseting my pass
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    Is 40 suppose to be old? My dad's in his early 80s and he's still doing great.

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