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    MacbookPro and infrared remote receiver
    Hi folks,

    first of all i'd like to drop my 'hello guys' message here since I'm new in this forum. Actuially I'm also pretty new to Mac and OSX stuff, but fortunately not to other OS like for instance Linux.

    Well the fact is that I've purchased a brand new 13" macBookPro 2.4GHz running Snow Leopard 10.6.4, and also the (alluminium) infrared remote receiver. i purchased the later device because I intend(ed) to use it in my presentations. I build all my presentations in .pdf format and so I need a .pdf viewer that supports the remote receiver. But unfortunately, no matter what i do, it looks like by pressing buttons on the remote i can only launch the FrontRow program.

    Is theer anything special i must do to make it understand I want to control other program rather than tjhis ugly FrontRow thing? I've tried also to install the Candelair driver to no avail: I can configure it but no matter what I press on the remote, it keeps opening the player and/or frontRow thing.
    I've tried to use the remote with skim, a .pdf viewer everybody says that works with the remote, but guess what when I open one of my presentations and try to use the remote on it... frontrow or music player again

    BTW I have the Candelair driver set to use legacy software, and the remote is NOT disabled in System Settings -> Security.

    So any help will be more than appreciated.

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    nobody here can give me an advice on that?
    Not even personal experiences ?
    What do you use for slide presentations with your mac's?

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    MacbookPro and infrared remote receiver
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    As far as I know...the Apple remote is only good for controlling "Front Row", "iTunes", and iPhoto. It's possible that it may also work with some other Apple applications...but the Apple remote control (AFAIK)...does not work with programs like MS Office.

    If you had gone to first...and read the info there regarding the Apple would already know it's capabilities & limitations.

    Here's the link for your convenience:

    Apple Remote - Apple Store (U.S.)

    - Nick
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    MacbookPro and infrared remote receiver

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    As far as I know, both Keynote and PowerPoint will support it out of the box. That doesn't help you with a PDF presentation, though.

    There are lots of drivers that add remote support to other apps. I haven't tried any of them, but one of them might work - News - Do more with your Apple Remote

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    Thanks guys, i've founf Remote buddy to work nicely and do just what i wanted.
    Thanks a lot

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