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    Advice on Macbook pro 13 inch hard drive replacement !
    Hi, i just replaced my macbook pro 13 inch hard drive which was a fujitsu 320gb 5400 rpm, replaced for a Western Digital 500gb 5400 rpm (wd5000bevt).

    I am noticing this drive to be a little laggy every once in while it lags for 1 or 2 seconds, its really getting on my nerves, i read some other forums and it said to disable de sudden motion sensor which i did, i also follow this tutorial about the HDAPM ( ). But i still feel my drive been a litte laggy sometime and getting the beachball every once in a while doing easy tasks like just surfing the web.

    I might change my hard drive for a Hitachi 0A57915: 404 Error - Page Not Found

    Will this other hard drive solve this issue and having my macbook pro as good as with the old drive but with more space capacity?

    here is another hard drive option its a Seagate Momentus ST9500325AS: 404 Error - Page Not Found

    One more thing, can i also upgrade to a drive bigger than 500gb ? maybe 640gb, and what about 7200 rpm ?

    please help im going crazy with this problem people

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    any help please

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    ur links dont work btw

    EDIT:fixed the link

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    what is that link, im looking for 2.5" not 3.5"

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    yeah i put the wrong one at first i fixed it though try it now

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    will there be a significant change if using a 7200rpm drive like hitachi or seagate instead of 5400rpm? regarding battery life, noise, and vibrance?

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    5400rpm vs 7200rpm
    I have a 13 inch macbook pro, what will be the effects on 7200 agains 5200 rpm. Regarding battery life, vibrance, noise, etc. ?

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    Advice on Macbook pro 13 inch hard drive replacement !

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    instead of waiting 5minutes, and then reposting, or as you have just done, starting a new thread, please give it time for people who may be able to help you to come across your post and answer.
    There are many people all over the world here, with different time zones, and different working hours.
    If no-one has answered say after 24hrs, then perhaps bump the thread if necessary.
    Keep in mind that there is a search function, and google is your friend too.
    5400rpm HD vs 7200rpm HD - Google Search

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    Advice on Macbook pro 13 inch hard drive replacement !
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    Please don't crosspost or ask your question multiple times in different places.

    The Community Guidelines state:

    Post appropriately.
    Search first, post things in the right place, use descriptive thread titles, and don't crosspost. Those things will help get you more timely responses and help keep our community nice and tidy.
    Thanks for understanding!
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