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    Help with OS X 10.4 and Iphone 4
    Hello all, so im trying to help out my friend whos just got the new Iphone 4. Shes has an older Mac Book with OS X 10.4. When she went to sync the phone to itunes it asked her to update to itunes 10. But after the download it wouldnt install as the OS was so old and told her it needs an upgrade which is fine so i looked at snow leopard specs, her mac doesent have a intel processor so it cant be installed. She really doesnt want to buy a new Mac Book Pro just to be able to use the iphone as its still running as sweet as the day she bought it. So my Question is, is there a way aroung this problem of not being able to install the latest OS X? I was thinking maybe if I could find a version of leopard its specs might suit the older Mac Book, but cant seem to track it down anywhere or if itunes 9.2.1 would allow it to work. Any advise would be very helpful.

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    Help with OS X 10.4 and Iphone 4
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    First you mean she has an iBook yes?
    All MacBooks have Intel processors.

    Second, iTunes 10 will work with just Leopard.
    iTunes 10 Mac System Requirements:
    Mac OS X version 10.5 or later
    QuickTime 7.6 or later
    Support for HE-AAC requires QuickTime 7.6.4 or later
    Safari 4.0.3 or later
    200MB of available disk space
    However, according to: iTunes version history - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    iTunes 9.2.1 is the latest version that will work in Mac OS X Tiger so if you can find, download and manually install it, it should work with her iPhone 4.

    Where you can find the Mac version of iTunes 9.2.1 for download however I don't know.

    All the download links for old version of iTunes I've ever seen were all for the Windows version.

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    Help with OS X 10.4 and Iphone 4

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