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    NOTE: I have read previous post of "FOLDER WITH QUESTION MARK " and i couldnot get resolution. Also have read apple website but couldnot get issue resolved.

    I own a Macbook, working on it from past 3 years, having following specification
    Processor: 2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    Memory 1 GB 667 DDR2 SDRAM
    HDD: 80GB
    OS loaded: 2, Snow Leopard 10.6.4 and Microsoft Windows XP SP2

    A day before, I was working on my Macbook on Windows. It just hanged at at a moment, i hardbooted it. After that i switched on the machine,
    it displayed nothing for some time, and after that it displayed console with message

    "Disk Error"
    Please press any key to restart.

    I tried following options

    1. alt key press: It didnot show any disk
    2. c. To boot from CD rom, but it didnot boot from there. It AUTOMATICALLY EJECTED THE CD
    3. Cmd-opt-p-r, to wash PRAM, but also didnot help
    4. cmd-opt-shift-delete, to force boot from CD ROM, but it didnot work. It AUTOMATICALLY EJECTED THE CD

    So finally, I went to istore in our area. He told that ur disk crashed. So we replaced it with brand new Mac OS X formatted disk.
    BUT Still the issue remains there !!! Now when i boot the system , it remains gray, after some time it displays "FOLDER WITH QUESTION MARK ("?")" icon.

    I have tried all the options i tried before, but the issue remains there. IN ALL THE CASES TRIED IT SHOWS FOLDER WITH QUESTION MARK.

    WHAT CAN BE THE ISSUE ? Has any SCSI controller damaged? OR it is issue with firmware/software?

    Please provide your comments.


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    When you got it back from the iStore did they test it to make sure it booted before you went home? Did it work for you while you were there?... if you paid them .. I would take it back like right now.

    Do you have any other mac's at your disposal for testing purposes?

    BTW MacBooks have SATA controlers not SCSI...
    Ce's GeekBook PC guru wana Be turned Mac geek

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