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    Applecare through outside seller?

    I've read a bunch of threads and it's convinced me to buy AppleCare (my 1 year warranty on my MacBook Pro is about to expire). Question: can I get it through an outside source like Amazon or another seller, or do I have to get it from Apple/Apple Store.

    And, will it still work the same if I don't buy it from Apple? I know that Apple is usually very proprietary with their stuff, and they want you to only purchase through them.

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    Applecare through outside seller?
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    Buying Apple Care from Amazon or another authorized Apple reseller is perfectly fine. Just don't be tempted to purchase it from either eBay or Craig's list as that may lead to buying a counterfeit Apple Care warranty.


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    Great, thanks. Buying from Amazon today.

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    Applecare through outside seller?
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    The way it works is you buy the applecare box - then you go to Apple's website and register the number of the box - with the computer identifier. I bought mine through Amazon - as it was a lot cheaper. Don't bother with trying to cheat the system either - you need to buy an applecare number that is proper for the type of computer/device you have.

    This is also why - as chscag said - it is a bad idea to buy it from an unknown source - they could have already registered the number.

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