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    Clamshell buyer's advice
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    Question Clamshell buyer's advice
    I'm looking into picking up a clamshell for my GF to use for school (she teaches). There seem to be plenty on eBay, and that's probably where I'll be getting it from. I know my Snowbook if fantastic, but is there anything I should look out for when buying a clamshell? Any known issues or specific problems I should be aware of and ask the seller about? Also, did they originally ship with a software package like the new ones (i.e. Appleworks, Quicken, Mail, etc.?

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    Clamshell buyer's advice
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    they seemed to work really well. my friend owned 2, he loved them. i guess the only suggestion is max out the ram

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    Clamshell buyer's advice
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    I'd be interested in hearing what you get or what you are looking at for iBooks.
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