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    Question i5 vs i7 processors in new MacBookPro (April 2010)? Not much in it?
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    Comparing the certain i5 and i7 models as likely used in the new April 2010 line up of Apple Mac Book Pros. From the table it would appear that the advantages of the i7 are not groundbreaking. Both specific i5s and i7s here are 2-core and hyperthreaded with the i7 simply having slightly faster bus speeds and larger caches.


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    i5 vs i7 processors in new MacBookPro (April 2010)? Not much in it?
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    I'm going with an i5 because I can't justify spending the extra money for a hardly noticeable performance boost. I guess if you need every available drop of power, i7 would work, but for most people its unnecessary.

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    i7 gives you 1 MB more of L3 cache than the i5s, which will help for photoshop etc. Unless you want to get the larger 17-inch MBP, the i7 model is also the only configuration that offers 512MB of GDDR3 for the Graphics Processor Nvidia Geforce GT 330M. The speed of the higher-end i5 vs the i7 isn't too drastic but the i7 is faster operating at 3.06GHz while using 2 cores and 3.33GHz at single core. The i5-540m(2.53GHz) operates at 2.8GHz in duo cores, and 3.06GHz at single core. This is the same exact scenario as the intel core 2 duo 2.8GHz vs 3.06GHz of the last generation of Macbook Pros. Whether to upgrade from the i5-2.53GHz model to the i7-2.66GHz model justifies spending $200 more, I can't really say. And if spending $200 more will be the deciding factor, then instead of spending $2000 on a Mac all together, you can buy a better performance PC notebook with the higher-end quad core i7 (i7-820m or even i7-920xm).

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