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    Corrupted Preferences Files... But which one of them is corrupted?!
    I have a 3-year-old MacBook. I run OS X 10.4.11. Yes, I know it's old. I am currently studying abroad in Hungary and I have only one month left until I go home.

    My MacBook was running well until a few days ago when I was on my browser (Flock), downloading a movie from via Firefox, and editing some photos on iPhoto. Most likely, I had iTunes running, because that's how I roll. Oh, and I had Skype up too because I was expecting to speak with a friend online.

    The hard drive started running really fast, like it does when it's about to freeze or require some force quits... and it makes sense because I was doing a lot of things at once. But the slowness this time was exceptional. I had to shut it down twice and when that didn't really work, I threw the movie I was downloading into the trash and my browser and Skype since those applications seemed to freeze the computer. I then repaired my disk permissions and have been using Firefox since. The computer is at least useable now.

    When I restarted, I noticed that my dock position and the items in my dock had changed and my background had gone back to the default. I was also unable to download items (the disk images failed to mount). I created an alternative account that works fine for downloading and was able to put Skype on my computer again. I also downloaded Preferential Treatment to try to find the funky preference files but the scan came back clean.

    Now, every time I log off or shut down, all of my preferences are wiped from my administrative account. I still cannot download applications, but documents are just fine. This means that I have to set up accounts iTunes, Skype, and Entourage every time I log in. None of my Firefox settings or dock settings are remembered. My iTunes library always becomes corrupted when I open up iTunes anew and I have to re-add all my songs again. It seems that all of the files I've created still exist... it's just that none of my preferences stick...

    What do I do? This is ridiculously annoying!

    Thanks for your help!

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    So, I'm guessing that with 32 views and 0 responses, I'm pretty muck out of luck, eh?


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    Corrupted Preferences Files... But which one of them is corrupted?!
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    It sounds like your hard drive is about to die. Old + running really fast + not remembering settings = bad. Back you your stuff on an external right away

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