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    black screen on startup, screen comes back after closing
    hey i have a macbook pro (mid 2009) and it recently had the problem of the screen would not turn on after i would let the display turn off. it also occurred when putting the computer to sleep with it open. the computer would seem responsive (i.e. volume worked, music would still be playing), just the display wouldn't turn on. when i would reboot the it would still remain black until i closed the screen and then reopened it. so that was the first problem.
    i reset the system management controller, and when i started it up, there was that beautiful mac sound saying everything was alright, but the screen would still be black and i would need to close it again, wait until it fell asleep and then open it again to the login window. i checked the other symptoms previously and they all went away. note that before when i shut it down properly without the screen going black, the computer would start up normally with display on.
    i will also say that i spilled some water that got into the back left part of the macbook. immediately it turned off and the adapter's led went off. it was a very small amount of water. after leaving it alone for a week and taking it into a mac repair shop (they said that nothing looked corroded etc. thank god), i got it back and it was fine except for the screen going wonky on me
    should i try and reset the system management controller again? i was thinking that resetting it too many times may further damage it- is this true? or should i just take it to the mac shop to check the logic board?
    thank yooouu!!!

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    i turned on the computer this morning and everything seems to be working fine. so we'll see what happens.

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