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    Question Upgrade HD - Restore Snow Leopard Backup w/ Leopard Install Disc
    Hi, I just bought a new hard drive that I want to swap on my Macbook Pro. I'm running Snow Leopard and have a backup on an external HD using Time Machine.

    I cannot find my original Snow Leopard install disc, the only disc I can find is plain Leopard from the box. The question is, can my plain vanilla Leopard install disc restore a Snow Leopard backup?


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    Upgrade HD - Restore Snow Leopard Backup w/ Leopard Install Disc
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    Don't have a clue if that would work or not.

    An easy way to do it, if you do not need all the previous files that have ever existed on your machine since starting Time Machine, is to grab SuperDuper! (my recommendation) or CarbonCopyCloner and create a clone - a new bootable backup of your current system to the external drive. Yes, this will erase the TM backup.

    Reboot your machine to that external drive and use it for awhile to make sure the backup is ok. Then change out the internal drive, boot to the external again and use the same software to clone the external back to your new internal.
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    Cheaper, faster and easier solution -- buy another copy of Snow Leopard (and try not to "lose" it this time).

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