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    I have a dead iMac and a live Macbook.
    I have a dead iMac (white, plastic, late 2006). I'm pretty sure the logic board fried and that's the only broken part. I also have a Macbook (white, plastic (not unibody), 2.16 GHz Intel, 2 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM) that is working fine. I do a lot of video editing on the macbook though (the iMac was my dad's) and am wondering if I could use any parts from the iMac to improve my macbook's performance. I don't really know anything about this now.

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    I have a dead iMac and a live Macbook.
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    I believe the memory modules are the same. Other than that, I know of nothing else you could salvage that would enhance your MacBook.

    Frankly, as cheap as memory is, I'd be more apt to sell the iMac and use the money to either upgrade or add peripherals to your MacBook.
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