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    Is there a way to stop a MacBook Pro from going to sleep when you shut the lid?
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    Apple Portables: How to use your computer in closed clamshell (display closed) mode with an external display

    If Apple thought it wasn't safe or if they thought it was highly recommended that you didn't do such a thing, then directions on how to do so would never be posted on their site.
    In fact, it would be quite the opposite.
    If it was dangerous, they would post something strongly advising you against it.

    For example, despite popular opinion, Apple does not sell laptops.
    They don't call their portable computers laptops.
    Despite the fact that most users continue to do so and even use these computers on their laps, Apple does advise users of their portable computers to avoid using their machines on their lap.

    Apple - Support - MacBook Pro - Care and Handling
    Quote Originally Posted by Apple
    place your MacBook Pro on a flat, stable surface. Do not place your MacBook Pro on your lap or other body surface for extended periods of time. Prolonged body contact can cause discomfort and potentially a burn.
    Posting and YOU|Forum Community Guidelines|The Apple Product Cycle|Forum Courtesy

    mac: a waterproof raincoat made of rubberized fabric
    MAC: a data communication protocol sub-layer, also known as the Media Access Control
    Mac: a brand name which covers several lines of personal computers designed, developed, and marketed by Apple Inc.

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    Is there a way to stop a MacBook Pro from going to sleep when you shut the lid?
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    installed InsomniaX a few hours ago, ive noticed it seems to ignore the settings under "Energy Savings"..

    I told InsomniaX to not sleep when the lid is closed but i still want the screen to turn off after X amount of minutes and the computer to sleep after X amount of minutes

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