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    Cat sat on keyboard--Screen Appearance Altered

    our cat sat on my laptop keyboard and now the screen looks like a big photo negative. i've tried changing the appearance through System Preferences but i can't figure out what to do. help! suggestions/comments? i don't know much about computers. new Macbook 13". thanks!

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    Cat sat on keyboard--Screen Appearance Altered
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    while holding down
    press 8
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    thank you thank you!!!! much appreciated.

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    Cat sat on keyboard--Screen Appearance Altered
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    lol my favorite trick.. I used to do it to my friends macs but i'd hit a bunch of buttons before and after I hit the key combo so that they didnt' know what buttons I had hit to create the effect. It was so fun watching them trying to figure it out for the 10 minutes or so until I decided I felt bad and changed it back.

    Its actually quite helpful though at times, and some people even say its better for battery life when your screen is all black with white writing and not the other way around.
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    I did this to a Mac that they were selling at a local electronics store where a friend of mine was working. I switched the colors, typed "VIRUS" on Textedit, then zoomed the screen all the way in to that word so that the entire screen was filled up with that. I walked out of the store and observed my friend, who wasn't aware that I visited the store at all, try to fiddle around with the keyboard. He didn't know what was happening and obviously panicked, so he force shut down the Mac. That was hilarious.

    My friend who worked at an Apple Store said that somebody pulled the same trick on a Mac once. But the funny thing is that the customers happily used the Mac without noticing anything wrong with the colors whatsoever.

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    Cat sat on keyboard--Screen Appearance Altered

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    I love that key combo, and I find it hilarious that your cat sat on your keyboard and hit it. Mine hasn't hit the combo yet, but is ALWAYS trying to get on my keyboard. She thinks it's her laptop hehe.

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    Cat sat on keyboard--Screen Appearance Altered
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    Quote Originally Posted by bobtomay View Post
    while holding down
    press 8
    Oohh! Cool.
    I just tried it to see how it looks and I almost prefer it to normal except that images are difficult to make out. If I could see images clearer, I'd definitely keep it like this all the time.

    Kind of spooky!

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