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    Makes tick nose when battery cover is pressed on. Even while power is off.
    I just bought a new Macbook Pro (Unibody, non-user serviceable battery) and I noticed a peculiar tick noise. This noise ticks just once and it is very faint. At first I thought it was coming from my speakers when I clicked on a link or a button.

    As I explored the source of this noise I noticed that it happened if I put a slight pressure on the middle of the battery cover. In fact I can hear the slight tick even if I press on it while the computer is off. Can anyone else hear this nose?
    Is it normal?

    Of course this becomes a problem when the notebook is on my lap or on a bed. As I type or lift the laptop to put it away I can here this click noise.

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    MacBook Pro Unibody tick nose when battery cover is pressed
    I am experiencing the same issue. At first it was just a slight sound that didn't happen too often but now it happens every time I rest my hands on the computer. The bottom seems to get hotter than when I first got it as well. I just purchased it in August of 2009. I have the 17" Antiglare with solid state drive. It is getting very frustrating to hear that all the time now. I took it to a genius at the Apple Store because I was concerned that it was electrical but he assured me it wasn't. We agreed that it must be the aluminum shell and I left it at that but now I am frustrated that it is doing it even more. Makes me very concerned that something is coming loose and will cause a problem with all my data on it. I am going to call Apple to see about getting it replaced but what a hassle. Is anyone else having this issue? Very curious now.

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    Makes tick nose when battery cover is pressed on. Even while power is off.

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    I have this same problem.

    I found out the source of it.

    I took apart my MBP and found out that one of the screws at the top of my case was shorter than the rest, causing this noise to happen when I pushed on it.

    This could be the same for you.

    Only solution is to get new screws, does anyone know if they are available at the Apple Store?

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