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    Getting a startup disc out of an ill computer
    my cat made room for herself on the chair my computer was sitting on and subsquently launced my laptop onto the floor - i'd say about 1' drop total. Anyhoo, i brought it to my office to move the harddrive onto my work computer, before taking it into TekServe to get the bigger problem fixed...that the screen is grey and unresponsive. I got optimistic that i might just need to put in the OS X disc and tried one that was here at work. Its not working and now the disc will NOT EJECT. I have tried going to the disc utility but it is telling me to quit the application first. When I try to quit the application, it asks me to choose another startup disc.....(there is not another one), then I tried holding the mouse and restarting....

    Any suggestions?


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    Getting a startup disc out of an ill computer
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    Have u tried connecting a mouse by USB then powering on and holding left button

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