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    turning it on results in a complete system freeze
    Hi everyone,

    This is my first post here so I'll try to keep it relatively simple.

    Some time ago I bumped my iBook G4 (1.0ghz, 256x2 mb ram, late 2004) exceptionally hard. I have been trying for a while to get it working as my mother needs a laptop because she can't use the home mac.

    After this event, turning it on results in a complete system freeze (hard reset only) from in between 30 seconds to 20 minutes (and once in a while, more!).

    I have read everywhere on the web about the ibook g4 logic board issues, but I do not have scrambled video, nor lines on the screen.

    The screen works perfectly every time, and the freezing seems to have little to do with heat - a cold boot after a month turned off resulted in a freeze after 30 seconds, whereas changing the hard disk resulted in a freeze four hours later (after an install of os x, 4 reboots and after 25 minutes of playing a video game over wi-fi -warcraft 3- to test).

    When I move the computer is the most likely time for it to freeze.

    I have tried the following:

    Resetting Power Manager

    Zapping PRAM

    Single user mode diagnostics

    Dismantling the unit down to the logic board, inspecting and fastening connections and solder joints - my untrained eye can't detect anything amiss, especially where the problem usually lies for people with defective iBooks - the chip under the power to motherboard cable

    Replacing the hard drive

    Re-installing OS X (install works perfectly on two separate hard drives!)

    Removing the airport extreme card

    Removing the extra ram

    I've tried running techtool pro and diskwarrior on both hard drives - DW does not get very far into it's task without the freeze, although techtool can complete all it's tests, and gives me the all ok except for a surface scan (runs too long, and freezes).

    I'm completely out of options. I don't want to buy a logic board from ebay, nor do I want to throw the machine away as it's in perfect condition - I bought it new and it gave me four years of flawless service.

    I've tried to give as much detailed information possible, but please ask if you need more.

    Anticipating a speedy response!


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    turning it on results in a complete system freeze
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    Welcome!...simple post it isn't...too long for most folks short attention spans!

    Just a couple things:

    1. What do you mean by an "exceptionally hard bump"? Was this followed by a 2-3 foot drop onto the floor?

    2. Be careful how much money $$$ you're thinking about dumping into this G4 iBook. It is only worth about $175 bucks, maybe $200.

    Of course if you can find a cheap "parts" computer ($50 or less) that would be an excellent option.

    - Nick

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    Hi Nick, thanks for the prompt reply.

    I guess it was a bit long-winded, but I didn't want to come across as if I hadn't tried everything that I could think of or google first.

    1. Well, I couldn't tell you how many Gs it sustained, but it was more like it fell off the table onto my friend's calf (maybe 1.5 feet), and then another foot onto the carpet. Nothing huge, really. Gave them a bloot clot too, yikes! Heavy things aren't they?

    2. I wasn't actually planning on spending anything (more than about $20 in parts, say) on it, I have all the tools I need here and I'm usually pretty good with electronics and computers so I should be able to fix the problem if I can find it!

    As I need a computer for my mother relatively urgently, if I can't fix it within a week or two I will have to fork out for something else, which would be a shame!

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