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    PowerBook Problem with Airport...whats up??
    I haven't been using my wireless lately in my dorm room, just ethernet hookup. Tonight when I tried to turn my airport extreme on it wouldn't come on. I clicked it, clicked turn airport on, and it acted like it might have been coming on then didn't. I restarted and it worked fine. After about 7 minutes of use, I closed the lid and put it to sleep. When awoken from sleep again the airport was off and wouldn't come back on again until I restarted it.

    What is causing this problem?

    I've also noticed that a lot of times whenever I wake my powerbook up or restart my HD icon is moved to some other part of the desktop where I didn't have it...??...

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    PowerBook Problem with Airport...whats up??
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    First step is to try repairing permissions.

    When you get the airport to turn on is it able to connect to a network?
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    Quote Originally Posted by schweb

    When you get the airport to turn on is it able to connect to a network?
    yes, I can

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    I too have problems with wireless after sleeping.

    However, my thingy has never moved like yours has.

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    I've also been having airport problems. It's not allowing me to connect or recognize networks that I have previously been connected to. Sometimes I can't get a signal from a network that is set up 7ft from my computer. Also, if I do connect to a network sometimes it will show full signal but not allow me to go anywhere saying 'the specified network cannot be found.

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    ok i've repaired permissions twice and it worked for little bit.. and i just woke it up, repaired permissions again, and it still doesnt work.

    i dont get it.

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