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    New 13" Macbook Pro Superdrive issues
    I just picked up the new 2.53ghz 13" macbook pro and i am loving it. the only problem is that it wont read any disc. I put the disc in and let the drive take it. The drive will suck the disc in make a lil noise (nothing out of the ordinary) then just spit it out. It has done this with every disc i have tried from the startup disc to burned cd's and even dvd's. I don't know if what the problem could be and am wondering if I should just take it in and have it fixed because of how new it is.

    thanks for your help

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    New 13" Macbook Pro Superdrive issues

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    If you've just bought it, take it straight back and show them the problem before anything else happens or you've had it too long. Get it sorted asap is my advise.

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