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    New Powerbooks and OS9

    I've got a TiBook and have been happy with it, but I'm thinking up getting a new PowerBook. Since I still have to use several older applications that only run under OS9, I need to make sure the new PBs support OS9.

    Apple's web site wasn't especially helpful.

    Does anyone know for sure?

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    You can still old applications through OS X through an application called "Classic" which is bundled with OS X.

    The PowerBooks will not *boot* into OS 9 though. The PowerMac G4s were the last machines capable to do so.

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    New Powerbooks and OS9
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    why not keep the Ti just for OS9??

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    New Powerbooks and OS9
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    I would keep the ti book to run OS 9 also. Which it my plan when I upgrade.
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