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    Talking New iBook it is then!

    I've decided to go with a refurbished iBook, now is the best time ever to get one, and since my dream computer is always a laptop in my mind I think iBook is the best way to go.

    Now here's the problem: G3 or G4? G3 is generally cheaper, and I could get a bigger screen then for the same cost of a 12" G4, but I don't know, do G3's perform well? Are they limited for games now with the advent of G5? I know some games won't run on a G3 at all. How about performance? Does a G3 lag with the internet? I'm planning to get OS X Tiger when it finally comes out, so I'm not to concerned wether my iBook has current software or not when I get it. I'm also planning on selling my blueberry iBook in order to pay for an extra battery and software. Can you say ca-ching? How much should I sell the blueberry for? It has pixel damage and no battery. But Jaguar is installed (no system CD's though either. )


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    I have seen iBook benchmarks that actually showed the G3 would outperform a G4 of similar clock speed, search I am sure you can find them. I wouldn't plan on doing much gaming on any iBook.

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    IMO, if you plan on using tiger when it comes out i would plan on getting a G4. but i have not scene any of the recommended specs for tiger.except for the video card ( i belive) and as stated above.

    What are some of the GAMES you want to play?

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    I just like games like Sim City, The Sims, War Craft 3, Yohoho Puzzle Pirates, maybe card games, puzzles, stuff like that. POSSIBLY something like Civilization or other strategy games. RPG's are okay. I'm not interested in First Person shooters or action games, the Doom series and games like that don't interest me at all. I don't like alot of heavy 3d graphics, or fast paced games either cause they hurt my eyes. Mostly Simulation and Parlour games I like. ^__^

    I think I'll try to get a G4 first, and if that fails then I'll go for a G3. We'll see what I can afford when the time comes around. I have to sell the blueberry iBook too once I have it, won't that be fun?

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    Well, price range is a big thing, look around for deals (espicaly on these forums, i got a 867Mhz G4 powerbook for $500), but look at for good deals, finding a cheap ibook G4 is hard, the G4 800Mhz are really hard to find, but the G4 has the avelatec (i know i butcherd that) engine which lets some prgrams (like garageband and a bunch of games) run...

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    the only game i'v seen with G3 min specs are diablo2, starcraft/warcraft3

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