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    Flickering screen problem

    Does anybody have a screen that flickers in brightness occasionally? It goes from 100% to 85% andd back. No predictable pattern. I am running no particular apps. Maybe word and have Entourge open in the background. It seems to happen while I type.

    Do I have aa problem? I travel outside the country most of the time and I'm worried about sending the G4 in to have it checked and I won't get it back in time to leave.


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    A while back the 15" PowerBooks were recalled because of screen problems. You should get yours checked/fixed at the nearest Apple dealer.

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    Have you updated the latest OS X 10.3.8 update?
    It .... "Resolves an issue in which a "flicker" could be seen when navigating DVD menus in DVD Player on certain PowerBook G4 computers."
    If you haven't, be sure to do the proper steps when updating your software. Hope this helps

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    Thanks guys. I'm at an Apple store now. The trick is duplicating intermittent problems. I have to warm up the machine first.........

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    Found the issue.

    The guys at the Apple store didn't know, but I checked the Apple forums while I waited to warm up the G4 and there where 6 posts with the same problem. They all started AFTER they upgraded to the latest OSX version of 10.3.8. One guy found the answer by accident. You turn OFF the dim lights automatically function. It appears that under somewhat dim conditions, the left hand occasionally moving over the left speaker made the screen flicker, not dim, but flicker.

    So thanks to you who tried to help. Gnite.

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