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    Back of iBook G4 makes clicking noise..
    It's not affecting the way I use my computer, nor can you really notice it..but when I touch the back of my laptop it makes a clicking sound. I finally realiozed that where the white piece connects to the grey vent it's actually not totally in. Just light press on it and then it clicks into where it should be..anyone else experience that? I mean I don't care cause I never see the back of the computer but that sound just bugs me. lol

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    Back of iBook G4 makes clicking noise..
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    Mine does exactly the same thing. It's like the pieces don't fit right or something.

    If I go to the Apple store sometime soon, I'll see one of the geniuses... but it doesn't bother me enough right now to do anything about it.

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    Back of iBook G4 makes clicking noise..
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    me too, and i lost one of the rubber footings on the bottom, not like it is important, but i have only had it for a week.

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    i can take the rubber footings..but if one of those rubber things came off i would be so impressed with apple look wise but i think when they designed these computers they weren't thinking right..cause 2 things so far are somewhat wrong on this laptop even though it doesn't affect the comp. the screen warping is horrible especially cause you can see it pulling everytime you open it up and that noise is so annoying..especially cause since it doesn't click in right it make me feels like they really didn't think enough cause anyone with a brain could notice those 2 problems

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    Well, I have this annoying problem where the battery isn't perfectly aligned with the base of the iBook. Although it doesn't affect the laptop performance or battery itself, it is pretty annoying because I do have it on my lap quite often and it's basically just there screamiing out to be picked or something and maybe eventually making it worse! I took it to the Apple store and was immediately fobbed off by one of the Apple staff. I checked the iBooks on display there and sadly, it seems the problem is general. I'm kinda disappointed with Apple in a way but seems like I will have to live with it.

    Mine also makes a clicking noise too on the left palm rest. Feels like either some part of the plastic isn't joined properly, or the plastic is cheap.

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