I've made the decision to sell my previous generation Macbook Air and contemplating to buy a Unibody macbook.

Macbook Air 1.6 GHz - 2 yr warranty - UK model - 1.6GHz on eBay, also, MacBook, Apple Macintosh, Computing (end time 24-Feb-09 11:31:11 GMT)

I've been scared off by reports of the screen not being of good quality, comparable to my current MBA.

Following some research, I have found the following ICC Profiles for the Unibody MB, depending on what panel it is equipped with (LG or AU optronics)

Can any of the current MB Unibody owners give them a try and post their impressions?

ICC Profiles link:

You will need to copy them under Library -> ColorSync -> Profiles , then open the System Preferences - Display -> Color -> Uncheck the "Show Profiles for this display only" and select the one that looks best for you.