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Thread: Freezing UP.

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    Freezing UP.
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    Freezing UP.

    One more thing while i'm on a roll....

    I've had my Ibook for about 2 full months and so far so good EXCEPT my ibook locks up once in awhile with the spinning wheel where i've had to turn it off by pressing the power button several times to no avail until it does finally turn off. I've probably had more freezing and crashes on my Mac than XP, honestly no joke!. Secondly, i'm kinda irked by the fact the HELP menu on the FINDER does not work very well as it's very slow to load up. Advice please.

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    Freezing UP.
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    Even if you are at 10.3.7, I would suggest that you apply the 10.3.7 update combo, run the maintenance tasks (MacJanitor or the like) and repair permissions.
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