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Thread: iSight problem

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    iSight problem
    I find that sometimes when I turn on my notebook the iSight green light comes on automatically. Then when I go to Photobooth I get a black screen and Image Capture says 'No Image Capture Device Connected'.

    Sometimes all it takes to solve the problem is to restart the notebook but most of the time I have to turn it off for about 20 minutes before I restart it.

    Does anyone know what the problem might be?

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    iSight problem
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    Sounds like a hardware recognition problem. Bring it into your local apple store if it's still under warranty.
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    iSight problem
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    I've had this issue a few times and have heard of others having it also , I think its just a normal macbook issue but turning the macbook off and removing the battery and putting it back in should fix it and if it happens again just do it again .

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    Thanks for the advice. I tried taking out the battery and putting it back in but it only solves the problem for a matter of days. I think I'll bring it to an apple store before my cover plan expires to see if they can sort it out.

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