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    Complete System Restore...
    OK, so I bought a used iBook G4 at the beginning of the Summer. The seller advertised a 60GB hard drive, and upon further review it does have the 60GB harddrive, but there is only 35GB free. The notebook did not come with any software CD's but was updated with Leopard.

    I was wondering, could I use my friends MacBook system restore CDs on my notebook to essentially have a fresh start on the notebook freeing up all the hard drive space that is getting used by who knows what? Plus there are little things like in the logon screen and Finder screen that display his name that I would like to personalize to my own... Will those CDs work? They are also the Leopard OS.
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    Complete System Restore...
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    No, the disks that came with the MacBook are for the MacBook only. You're going to need to get a retail copy of OS X, then pop the disk in and restart, holding down c on startup to boot from the disk.

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