There was an update maybe a week or two ago, I think it was for certain machines, MBP being one of them and ever since I installed that update my MBP randomly freezes, but never happens when I'm using it. (I am running the latest version of Leopard on a CD MBP)

I don't know exactly when it's happening but I could leave it for 15 minutes and it will be locked up or I could leave it for hours and it could be locked up, the screen stays as I left it with any apps open etc and I just cant do anything at all and I have to reboot, however it doesn't happen all the time, a lot of times its completely fine.

I've repaired permissions, zapped the PRAM, I even did a reset of the SMC and nothing has helped. I never ever had this problem previous to this update and I am totally sure I have not changed anything since then either so I'm not sure why this is happening. Makes me feel like I'm using Windows again.

Does anyone else have any other suggestions?