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    How can I scroll thru options on a mac
    I know the title sounded odd. But I didnt know any other way of wording it. My question is this: On my PC when a box came up that said "do you want to keep the originals?" and it had 3 option boxes, I could hit tab and scroll to the one I wanted to choose, then hit enter.

    Well, on my MBP that doesnt seem to work. I have to scroll with my mouse and click the option I want. Is there any way to scroll thru the options on a mac? I know its not "work" to grab the mouse and move it. But its faster with the tab method.

    Does anyone know what Im talking about or have I lost everyone?



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    How can I scroll thru options on a mac

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    The trigger is the spacebar. So if a dialog box comes with options of Yes | No | Cancel, just hit tab until the faint halo tabs across. Then hit the spacebar.

    A faster way to do this however is to remember the keyboard shortcuts. Command+D is usually for don't save, Command+C for cancel (Esc is better option). The shortcut varies with different dialogs. For instance, it is Command+M for Move to trash (in iTunes)

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    How can I scroll thru options on a mac
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    Under System Preferences > Keyboard and Mouse> Keyboard shortcuts you need to make sure the option "All controls" is enabled for full keyboard access.

    Then you can tab between options.

    The "solid" option is also always mapped to Return, the "outlined" option is space and the "negative" option is esc.

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