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Thread: Paint issues...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eyenovation
    To the lady who was upset about me linking her images.

    Here I am trying to draw attention to a problem you obviously have... And you get offended?

    I hope your powerbook keeps chipping, you big baby.
    You obviously wanted attention for your computer, and now that you have it - you... complain??


    If I needed or wanted attention drawn, I can and will do it myself, and in an appropriate manner. You obviously have no logical grasp of the problem, and my explaining it to you makes it no more clear to you it seems (as I sent you an email with the details regarding why I would want the image not directly linked to).

    You could have gotten your point across by linking to my web site, but instead you chose the path of laziness. No commendations there.

    Apple took good care of me and my Powerbook. I wanted to provide information for others who had the same problems. I did so. I am not looking for "attention", I am looking to give others the information that they weren't alone with their problem and it was taken care of by Apple.

    Try some maturity in response next time. I'm not the only one who dislikes direct image linking.

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    Paint issues...
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    I have no idea why you would go off on onlylaren... especially in such a juvenile manner. I was going to delete your post, but then I thought.. that maybe you should be the one to do that if you didn't want to have that embarrassment for the world to see.. and if you do delete it my post will not make sense.. and so Ill delete mine and we'll forget it ever happened.

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    Paint issues...
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    This thread needs to be closed, obviously. Firstly we don't tolerate hotlinking images from other sites. Secondly, we don't tolerate abuse of the members, especially when we are at fault. Sorry for the trouble onlylaren.

    Eyenovation, please check your PM.

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