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    Question charger and laptop gettin too hot
    Im not sure if its normal, but the lower part of my macbook gets, very hot... and so does the charger, so I wonder if I should leave my computer charging all day... I also wonder if that ruins the battery
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    charger and laptop gettin too hot
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    well just hot doesnt really say enough about whether it is a safe temperature or not. i recommend getting iStat Menu and it will tell you an actual temperature.

    i have read a lot about this and it is not uncommon for people to run as high as 180 F. I usually hang around 140 F on my macbook unless i am really pushing it.

    if it is too much for you then you can always install Fan Control and turn up your fans to cool it down. the machine should keep it within acceptable levels but you can add a little extra with the fan software. i have used it on tiger and leopard with no problems.

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