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    Battery problem, bit different. Powers but wont boot up with battery.
    Hi everyone, new to this forum and ive just signed up to ask my first question, and hope to also help others.

    Ok, ive got a macbook 13inch.. 2GHz intel core duo

    Take the battery out (plug into the mains), everything works fine as it should.

    Put the battery in (unplug from mains) and it will not boot up, so i'm assuming its not recognizing the battery!? but if you plug back into the mains with the battery in it boots up, but then you can remove the mains and it will run off the battery!!

    When its been powered up with the mains then running off the battery i get a "X" in the battery tray.

    Occasionally it will recognize the battery, and give me a % or time for charging. But then it will go back to the 'X'

    Has anyone else had this problem and can help me out?

    To brake it down, the battery wont charge of boot up from the battery. But once booted works fine from the battery.

    Thanks, Kris

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, kristiangrant.

    Have a look at this Apple Knowledge Base article, it might help you : MacBook, MacBook Pro: Battery not recognized or "X" icon appears on menu bar.

    Report back to let us know how it went. Good luck !

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    Ok thanks, i have had a look at that but it didnt seem to work, ill have another go and let you know, thanks.

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    Ok if you already tried it, give it another go.

    If it doesn't help, you might want to check this out : MacBook and MacBook Pro Battery Update 1.2.

    In there, you will find that you might be entitled to an exchange program... You will need to make an appointment with an Apple Store :

    ...If, after you have installed the battery update, your battery has any of the symptoms listed below, please make a reservation to bring your computer with its battery to your local Apple Retail Store, or contact an Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP), or call your local Apple Support Contact Center. If Apple or an AASP determines that your battery is eligible for replacement, you will receive a new battery, free of charge, even if your MacBook or MacBook Pro is out of warranty. ...

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    MacBook Battery Problem
    You may be suffering from 'The' Macbook battery problem (which is just coming
    up on a year old - first noted by Apple late April 2007). Have a look at for an overview and suggestions
    for solving it (maybe even getting Apple to replace the battery).

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    Battery problem, bit different. Powers but wont boot up with battery.
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    just call apple, and theyll send you a new battery. im 99% thats your problem im sure of it.
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    Ok, ive got a new batery from apple, i took my macbook into the store, they put a new battery it and it worked fine, started to charge straight away and booted without mains power. Brought i home and same problem, got a black X, last night it worked for a bit and charged the whole battery but now it back to the same problem, any ideas? connector problem?



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    same prob
    hi kris!my gf's macbook is also facing the same prob!!

    i happen to have a mac book first i thought it was the battery issue..then it occured to me that i could test my battery on her's...which i did.

    Well the same thing happen on her macbook with my battery, whereas her battery worked completely fine on after chatting with the phone staff for the whole afternoon they told me to bring it in to my local service centre which i did...(i was helping my gf do everything btw, and her macbook is only 2 weeks old)

    So after sending in, they came back to us saying that it was okie when the macbook was with them, they managed to leave the laptop on till the battery drained flat and nothing happened.. and they claimed to have check the hardware and found nothing..

    so we took it back, and the problem seemed to tone down a still happened a little bit, but less. But it is coming back more are more again. So apple wants us to bring it in to another service centre. It is really getting very troublesome...the macbook is less than a month old and already giving so much problems. If they cant solve the problem this time i m definitely going to ask for them to replace it!

    Does anyone else out there in the world know what could be the problem...?please help is really very disappointing....

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