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    Clearing Hard Drive
    Hi, I have a g5 Powermac with 10.3.9 installed. I just sold it and I need to totally clear the hard drive. I don't have the os installation discs. How should I go about doing this.


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    Clearing Hard Drive
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    Do you want to completely erase the machine, so that it won't even boot?

    If you just want to erase all your files, I would recommend creating one new completely blank user account (so you can still access the machine after the next step) and then from it, use the Accounts Preferences panel to completely remove your previous userid.
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    Alright I'll do that once I get an external hard drive. to save all my files. So once I delete the account, all that information is totally erased fromthe machine? I do my banking on this computer so I dont want the information to be retrievable.

    Also, mac57, could I ask why you use os 10.3 instead of a later edition?

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    Clearing Hard Drive
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    Don't forget to make the new user an admin user.
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